Functional Distribution (phase 3)

Phase 3: Grouping and segmentation of I/Os and Racks (functional distribution) In this article we discuss the importance of the functional distribution of I/Os, especially in medium size and large control systems (index of design phases). 3-Grouping and segmentation of signals and racks – Functional distribution The way we distribute I/O signals, modules and racks […]

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Technical Requirements (phase 1)

Technical Specification – Design Phases of the Control System This is the first article in this series where we try to describe the different design phases of a control system. In PLC-based systems the design engineer must analyze all the technical requirements and make the design that meets the specifications with the lowest possible cost.

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PLC vs DCS – What solution to choose? When we want to integrate several software applications, use advanced control algorithms and have future expansion plans, the PLC / SCADA solution may not be adequate. Currently the differences between both solutions have decreased, but they are still important, especially in systems with more than 500 I

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Automate proposals

Automate proposals in industrial sector We want to make some reflections on how to automate proposals during the sales process and the benefits that we get, especially in the case of industrial companies. Many of the companies still have a very manual sales process with a lot of improvement margin. What we want is to

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Industry 4.0 for beginners

Industry 4.0 for beginners The terms Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Internet of Things and Smart Factory are used to refer to the same thing, the digital transformation of the industry, both machines and production processes, and in general of all the productive economy. This article will try to explain it, but from a simple plane to

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