Functional Distribution (phase 3)

Phase 3: Grouping and segmentation of I/Os and Racks (functional distribution) In this article we discuss the importance of the functional distribution of I/Os, especially in medium size and large control systems (index of design phases). 3-Grouping and segmentation of signals and racks – Functional distribution The way we distribute I/O signals, modules and racks […]

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Select the PLC modules

Select the PLC modules The first step in selecting the PLC modules is to analyze the technical requirements of the application. In most cases this analysis will guide us in selecting the PLC and the I/Os. The next step will be to do different considerations that affect the total cost of the automation solution. In

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Input/Output Architectures

Input/Output Architecture in the control system We will give an overview of most common input/output architectures in a control system, depending on whether the priority is “Safety” or “Availability“. 1-Architectures of Inputs The following image shows the most common configurations. The letter “D” in yellow stands for “Diagnosis” and usually is associated with the Safety

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Availability versus Safety

Availability versus Safety This is an important point to be considered when designing a control system with a programmable logic controller. The analysis must be performed with all the elements involved: the PLC, field instruments, valves, motors, dampers, etc. In addition, it is essential to analyze the process or machine. The design will be very

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