Enertria was founded in February 2014 with the aim of offering services and products to industrial companies, and in particular to the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries.

Our portfolio is mainly based on the following lines:

  • Engineering and Consulting Services, especially in the area of Instrumentation and Control, including design activities, preparation of specifications, inspections and testing of equipment, preparation of offers, etc. We specialize in functional safety and modernization of process safety systems and control systems.

  • Training courses on SIS system design and control systems.

  • Development of industrial applications based on advanced Excel. Our main development is the SILcet tool for the design of SIFs and SIL calculation.

We are a team with over 25 years of professional experience in various companies and activities of instrumentation and control.

We are located in Madrid (Spain).

Technical Director: José Bielza

He has a career of 35 years in various multinationals in the industrial and energy sectors such as Sprecher & Schuh, FI Controles, Foster Wheeler, Rockwell Automation and Siemens.

There have been many years of technical activity in the area of instrumentation and control and, why not say, really enjoying this exciting and innovative world I & C.

I have been fortunate to work both on the side of the “Engineering” and in the “Manufacturer” and “System Integrator” which has allowed me to learn about many systems: the Siemens world (Simatic S5 and S7, PCS7 and all its huge portfolio of products), Rockwell Automation (the legendary Allen-Bradley PLC5, SLC500, ControlLogix, etc.), HIMA (H51Q the Quad of technology), Honeywell (its DCS and Fail Safe Controller FSC), Schneider (the also legendary Modicon), GE FANUCTMR technology (ABB August, Triconex, ICS Triplex), the missing Sestep from Sprecher + Schuh, various SCADA software, several Distributed Control Systems and numerous types and brands of instrumentation and other components.

What has changed in the last 20 years? Many things. Systems and instruments are getting smarter, smaller, faster and more communicable.

As a Systems Integrator I have worked in varied sectors and applications: Thermal Power Stations and Boilers, Water Plants, Refineries, Pumping Stations, Sugar Factories, Hypermarkets, etc. and I have specialized in the design of safety systems with fail-safe PLCs.


José Bielza

Director of Enertria,S.L.

Industrial Engineering, specializing in Automation and Electronics, for the ETSII of Madrid.