IOB Utilities

Excel for Automation Solutions

It’s one of the tools of IOB Suite to do the work more efficiently with Excel. It works with I/O architectures generated by IO Builder and with I/O lists (instruments & equipment) made by engineering and EPC Companies.

When working with filtered lists in Excel (AutoFilter function) is very easy to copy ranges of rows and paste them into another sheet, however, is a problem the other way around, that is, copy and paste rows into a filtered table. This is one of the functions provided by this application and is extremely useful when working with inputs/outputs lists.

Video: Overview of main Excel macros

Videos and info about IOB Suite in this link.

The main features of IOB Utilities are:

  • User forms to import tags, descriptions or other fields from an external list in Excel.
  • It has several functions to extract the triple (2oo3) and redundant (1oo2/2oo2) signals from the tag list.
  • User form to export the table to another Excel workbook with the format customized by the user (up to 20 selectable fields, inserting empty fields, titles, define number of rows per page, etc.)
  • It has several user forms (label generator, add prefix/suffix) to create and fill in data tables much faster than using the standard Excel functions. These forms can be used for other Excel workbooks.
  • It imports and manages I/O architectures designed with “IO Builder”.
  • It can import new architectures or add new signals or modules to an existing architecture.
  • It imports and draws the I/O architecture.
excel for automation
excel for automation
excel for automation
excel for automation