We provide the following services:

Consulting and advice on automation solutions.

  1. Analysis of hardware and software alternatives, technically and economically.
  2. Architectures that are best suited to each specific case.
  3. Design of complex architectures of inputs / outputs.
  4. Assistance in the preparation of specifications.
  5. Design of SIS (Safety Instrumented System) and Solutions with Safety PLCs.
  6. Assistance in the preparation of bids.
  7. Preparation of project or bid documentation.
  8. Recommendations on the control cabinet.
  9. Resource Analysis (man-hours) for specific projects.
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Control Systems & BMS for Boilers and Furnaces

  • Engineering of Burner Management Systems (BMS).
  • Preparation of lists of signals, logic diagrams and control loops.
  • Upgrading studies of burners to adapt them to the latest NPFA and IEC-61508/61511.
  • SIL verification, comparison of different designs of safety functions (SIF) in terms of safety and cost.
  • Systems inspection, assistance to validation tests.
  • Training courses on BMS systems.


More than 120 references, mostly through Amec FW, in very different sectors (Power, Refining, Paper, Chemical, Automobile, Food, etc.), with various types of boilers (HRSG, industrial boilers, coal/fuel/gas power plants, biomass, etc.), and in different countries (Spain, Mexico, China, Morocco, Turkey, United States, Chile, Middle East, etc). We have used PLCs from various manufacturers such as Siemens, HIMA, Honeywell, GE Fanuc, Schneider, etc.

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Upgrade of Safety Systems (SIS)

  • Engineering to upgrade the SIS of the process or equipment to meet the safety standards such as IEC-61508/61511.
  • Analysis of process risks for the determination of the SIL.
  • Analysis of solutions based on comparison of costs versus technical compliance. Design of the SIFs and verification of the SIL.

Other services

Field Audits, Process Hazard Analysis, Preparation of SRS (Safety Requirements Specification), Studies in ATEX zones, Instrumentation Engineering.


More than 150 references, mostly in Power and Oil&Gas sectors.


Training courses

We provide both in-company and online training courses. We adapt the courses to the needs of the client.

We provide training courses about Functional Safety (open, In-company, online).

SIS Analysis Phase. Training focused on the methodologies used in the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), in the assignment of Protection Layers and SIL allocation, and in the Preparation of SRS (Safety Requirement Specification).

Functional Safety Course (online). It includes the 3 Phases of SIS Life Cycle: Risk Analysis, Design & Implementation, Operation & Maintenance (Read more).

Design of SIFs and SIL verification (online). Focused on the design of Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) using the SILcet tool developed by us and following the Standards IEC61508/61511 & ISA TR84. It’s focused on practical examples to learn how to design SIFs, comparing different solutions according to the architectures and the elements used (Read more).

Cyber HAZOP Analysis (online). Practical course on cybersecurity risk analysis methodologies (read more).

Certification Exam. We issue two types of certifications. Read more.


Customized development of Excel tools.

  1. Adapting our tools to specific customer needs.
  2. Development of additional functions.
  3. Development of new tools.


SILcet tool: Extension of quantity of SIFs, generation of new reports, modification of formulas and calculations, macros to import and export of data, etc.

-Adaptation of the tool “Bid Generator” to the processes and formats of each company. The tool is adapted to both control solution or services providers as well as to manufacturers of mechanical equipment (pumps, process packages, etc.)

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