Version > 2.0 L5 2.0 L10 Notes
License 1 to 5 PCs (unlimited) 6 to 10 PCs (unlimited) No expiration date
Price (without services) 900 € 1200 € It must be configured by the client. Manuals and videos are provided. Up to 10 queries by email during the first 12 months.
Price (with services) 1500 € 1900 € 16 hours of Consultant are included to configure “Bid Generator” and the Excel file of supplier prices. Manuals and videos are provided.
BUY Contact us for an online demonstration and discounts.
Updates 1 year 1 year Free updates for 1 year. Optional: Annual fee of 100 € from the second year.

Content of the software:

  • Excel “Bid Generator”.
  • Excel “PriceList” with examples.
  • Manuals and videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many users can use Bid Generator?

The Bid Generator license does not have an expiration date but its use is limited to a maximum number of computers (PC) depending on the license acquired. Any unlicensed user can see all the Excel sheets and cells as in any Excel file. You can also print or save in PDF any sheet (bill of materials, project schedule, etc.), or add calculations.

Users without a license will not be able to use the Bid Generator macros.

Question: Can new macros or new functions be added to Bid Generator?

1-Excel File "Bid Generator.xlsb"

The user can program the macro code and send it to us to be added. This has a small cost depending on the type of macro.

We can program any additional macro according to the client's requirements.

There are several sheets in Bid Generator to be freely used by the user.

2-Excel File with Price Lists from the suppliers

This file contains several macros to facilitate the updating of prices, descriptions, etc. sent by the suppliers. These macros are not protected and the user can change them or add other macros.

Question: Can the user configure Bid Generator without the support of the Consultant?

Bid Generator is supplied with a very complete Manual and with several "Help Videos" so that the user can configure the application according to his/her business model and the type of offers. It is a simple task.

The support of the Consultant reduces the configuration time. In addition, the Consultant provides advice and recommendations to use the application with maximum efficiency from the start.