New Bid Generator 2.0 for automation solutions, mechanical packages, rotating equipment, etc.

Bid Generator is an Excel based tool that allows to calculate and generate the Bid to the customer. It can be used for any type of company such as Panel Builders, EPCs, Engineering Consultants, Mechanical Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, Process Packagers, etc.

Uses standard Excel functions and formulas as well as specific macros programmed in Visual Basic. The technical requirements are the following: Windows 7, 8, 10 and Excel 2010 SP2, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365.

Main benefits for the sales area staff:

  • Bid time is significantly reduced.
  • The errors in the Offer are greatly reduced.
  • We obtain a professional offer, well documented and easy to review for any team member.
  • There is a unique shared file in the company server with all Prices from the suppliers, therefore easy to maintain and update.
bid generator

Overview about Bid Generator 2

Main steps to make a Quotation

Main features to generate the Bill of Materials:

  • Up to 42 Systems (e.g.: electrical cabinets, machines, skids, etc.) and 1500 components per system.
  • Automatic import of product data from the Excel file of Vendor (reference, description, price, discount, etc.)
  • Customizable user-form to generate the Bill of Materials with 2 different structures (listing by System or horizontal listing with many fields).
  • Creation of multiple PDF files or multiple sheets Excel file for the customer.

Main features related to the production and engineering hours:

  • Definition of profiles (technician, project manager, operator, etc.) and costs.
  • Up to 870 tasks (description, hours, cost per hour, profile, start date, duration, etc.)
  • Tables to enter the breakdown of production hours and tasks to calculate the production hours per main task (e.g.: machining, assembly, wiring, tests, etc.)
  • Customizable user-form to generate a List of Hours/Tasks and the Project Schedule.

Main features to analyze and calculate the Bid Cost and the Bid Sale Price

  • Summary Table to enter quantities of Systems, other costs, factors, margins, discounts, etc.
  • Matrix of costs with a cost breakdown by customizable categories (e.g.: by supplier, by discipline, etc.)
  • Charts and snapshots of the proposal to save drafts or reviews.
  • Generation of Bid Cash-Flow.
  • Comparison Function to compare the Cost and Hours of up to 5 different Systems.

Main features to generate the main document for the customer

  • 5 pre-defined quotation models and selection of 2 languages (e.g.: english & local language)
  • User-form to fill the quotation automatically.
bid generator
bid generator
matriz de costes

The standard version of Bid Generator covers the needs of most companies. If you need other functions, we offer the services to customize and extend the application to cover 100% of your needs.