IO Builder

PLC IO Segregation for any Control System Architecture

IO Builder is one of the tools of IOB Suite. It’s a powerful Architecture Builder designed mainly for Automation Solutions of System Integrators, Engineering Companies and designers of control systems and safety PLCs. The PLC IO Segregation can be made now automatically with this engineering tool. It’s a complement to builders of hardware manufacturers such as TIA portal or IAB.

io builder

Video: Overview of main Excel macros

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This innovative Excel based tool allows:

1- Make an automatic distribution of redundant and single I/O signals of any Control System in a few seconds. It doesn’t matter neither the brand nor type of hardware. It’s an engineering tool, it’s not a hardware builder.

It’s possible to use 8 types of modules with different quantities of channels, and up to 16 I/O Racks with up to 16 modules per rack. Therefore maximum amount of signals is 8192 (16 x 16 x 32).

Redundancy criteria can be selected between “different module” or “different rack“, and allow to mix different signals in the same module (triple, double and single signals). Therefore distribution of redundant Inputs/Outputs is achieved consistently with project requirements.

Each slot can be changed manually. It’s possible to mix different I/Os families, local/remote I/Os, standard and fail-safe modules, etc.

2-Make a distribution of I/Os based on location of instruments and equipment in order to obtain the best possible layout to improve availability of the plant.

Typical example of an I/O distribution based on equipment:

-General trips of the unit or plant with 2oo3 logic (e.g.: racks 1, 2, 3).

-Main pumps, motors, tanks, odd burners (1,3,5), etc. in racks 2 & 3

-Back up pumps, motors, tanks, even burners (2,4,6), etc. in racks 4 & 5.

It’s possible to use any design criteria for the segregation of signals: 2oo3 logic, redundant IOs, different voltages, different design zones, etc.

3- Compare the cost of several architectures.

When architecture is redundant and complex and it uses different logics (2oo3, 1oo2, 2oo2)  is difficult to make an accurate comparison because, for each architecture, we would need to make a new distribution of Inputs/Outputs. Comparing architectures from different manufacturers is even more time consuming, mainly if the principle of the architectures is different (e.g.: TMR, FMR).

Safety PLC architectures versus General Purpose ones can also be compared.

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