In this section we talk about new products that you must know as well as new standards and trends. What is Industry 4.0? Do you use efficient software tools ?

We are very interested in everything that involves improving the quality and productivity of control system designer.

Industrial automation is evolving much and you should know how to take advantage of it.

There are many software tools on the market really interesting and our advice is to analyze them and use those especially to automate repetitive tasks. How many similar tasks you perform every week or month? There are many in this area of instrumentation and control, and not all are aware. The good news is that there is much room for saving time and therefore increase productivity. Do you know programs such as EPLAN or COMOS? Examples of excellent tools, which have evolved considerably in recent years and are fully aligned with Industry 4.0. There is a general trend towards integration of tasks and processes, although each tool is more specialized in certain content.Other examples are the builders of control architectures developed by manufacturers. We applaud such tools, as examples you can go to the links of the builders of Siemens and Rockwell Automation. From this website we will highlight the tools that we consider productive, and really worthwhile. Everyone should analyze which suit your needs. From we contribute by developing specific tools focused on some of the tasks of control solutions engineering. The different hardware options available on the market is other interesting topic, from traditional PLC or DCS to PC-based solutions such as Beckhoff, or latest technologies of Safety PLCs as HIMax. We will analyze them.