Simple and easy-to-use SIL calculator (Excel Tool “SILcet”)

As of version 3.0 of SILcet, we have created a SIL Calculator as an additional alternative to perform SIL verification calculations of Safety Instrumented Functions. It is an additional option available in SILcet that for some technicians can be easier to understand and use.

  • As in the rest of SILcet, the calculations are based on IEC-61511/61508.
  • Includes 4 subsystems (SENSOR, LOGIC SOLVER, ACTUATOR 1 and ACTUATOR 2), each with up to 4 elements.
  • It is possible to select 19 types of architectures in each subsystem in the low demand mode (calculation of PFDavg) and 8 types in the continuous or high demand mode (calculation of PFH).
  • The data can be entered directly into the cells of the Excel sheet or using the “user-form” of the SIL Calculator.
  • There is a function to copy the data and results in any of the 35 available SIFs in order to compare different designs or generate some report.

The SIL Calculator is available in all versions of SILcet (trial, Basic and Pro).