Functional Safety Training Courses

1-Basic Functional Safety Course

This course has various modalities “online”. It’s based on the Life Cycle of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) according to IEC 61511.

It is made up of 5 parts: Introduction, Analysis Phase, Design and Implementation Phase, Operation & Maintenance Phase, Review of the main concepts.

Currently this course is available in english and spanish languages.

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2-Design of SIFs and SIL calculation

This Functional Safety Training Course has a different design and approach than other courses. The standard course is focused on the design of the SIF (Safety Instrumented Function), comparing different alternatives of cost versus technical solution according to IEC-61508.

Why is it a different course?
  • Because we use a SIL calculation and verification tool developed by us (“SILcet“) that allows us to make real examples. This is impossible to perform in most functional safety courses due to the complexity of calculations when dealing with real cases.
  • We provide a free license (Pro 1) of SILcet to each of the participants with many of the examples of the course.
  • It is a modular course whose contents can be adapted to the needs of the client (introduction to SIL, factors that most influence the probability of failure and how to reduce it, parameters that do not appear in the typical equations of PFDavg, how to modernize old safety systems by comparing alternatives of cost versus technical solution, how to solve complex architectures, etc.)
  • The course can be adapted to the real cases used by the client, including examples, designs and comparison of safety functions (SIF).
  • There is also an Online version through the platform “Schoology”.

The standard functional safety course focuses on the Design, Modification and Verification phases of the safety life cycle.

sil training

Course file:

Name: Design of SIFs and SIL calculation.

Language: English.

Duration (online): 16 to 30 hours (depending on student experience).

Category: Functional Safety

More information:


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Examples of Safety Functions (SIF) designed in the course:
  1. Tank Level (several cases) and Pressure Vessel (several cases).
  2. Low combustion air flow in Incinerator or Furnace.
  3. Stop of high pressure pumps by partial closure of the suction.
  4. Gas valve closure due to flame loss.
  5. Emergency depressurization in a reactor: action on several lines when the temperature is excessive (Reactor Bed Temperature).
  6. How to solve a SIF with two Logic Solvers (Safety PLCs).
  7. SIF with shared elements (Control System and SIS).
  8. High Integrity Pressure Protection System
  9. Others: Example with PVST, complex architectures, etc.

3-Course: SIS Maintenance

Course of Functional Safety in the process industry focused on the Operation and Maintenance phase of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS). The basic concepts, the recommendations of the Standard IEC61511 are reviewed, and maintenance activities such as proof tests, the use of bypass and the repair of the SIF are deepened. Many real examples made with the SILcet tool are included.

Contact us if you wish to organize this course in your country, in open format or in-company.

sil training

sil training

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