Simatic S7-300 wiring diagrams.

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Use: Develop wiring diagrams of PLC panel (in Excel format and PDF). Get a fast draft of wiring diagrams.

PLC: Simatic S7-300 from Siemens. It is possible to select the following I/O modules:

DI (SM321): 16 signals (1BH02, 1BH10), 32 signals (1BL00).

DO (SM322): 16 signals (1BH01, 1BH10, 1FH00), 32 signals (1BL00, 1FL00).

AI 4-20mA (SM331): 8 signals (7KF02, 7HF0x).

AO 4-20mA (SM332): 4 signals (5HD01, 7ND02).

Largest configuration: 3 Racks, 12 DI modules (per type), 10 DO modules (per type), 10 AI modules (per type), 6 AO modules (per type).

Before generating the wiring diagrams you can configure the PLC by using the TIA selection tool from Siemens.

How to use it (free tool with unlimited use):

  1. Configure the PLC racks with available modules in the drop-down boxes.
  2. Complete or modify other data: digital modules voltages, name of terminal blocks, page numbering, inserting blank pages, texts of title block, dimensions, etc.
  3. Enter your email and push button «Enviar» (submit). You’ll receive in a few minutes the complete diagrams in Excel format that user can modify and convert into PDF (from Office 2007) (our server is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am till 7:00 pm in time zone CET – Central European Time).

Video with example in this link.

By pushing Reset button default data is loaded.


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