The following table shows the main differences among the available versions of SILcet.


FAQs in english

Question: What happen with the software SILcet Pro1 after expiration of the 1 year license? Is the software automatically locked?

After 1 year the Excel macros will be locked but you can see all Excel sheets and cells as in any Excel file. If you have some Reports you can still print them out or save them as PDF by using the standard Excel options. Anyone can open an Excel file of SILcet to see the information, the reports and the results of the calculations.

At any time you can buy a new license to get back all the features of the tool.

The tool "SILcet" is based on Excel, therefore you can use all Excel features even after license expiration. The only exception are the Excel macros, it's not possible to add macros. After license expiration the macros will not work.

Question: In SILcet Pro1 there are 35 SIFs, does it mean that after reaching 35, I won't be able to perform additional SIF?

On each Excel file there are a maximum of 35 SIFs, to make calculations, comparisons, reports, etc. We can save an unlimited number of Excel files, one per project, each one with 35 SIFs. All of them works with the same 1 year license.